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[187] Grave of a Cilician Prepared by the Friends of Agrippa (I CE-early II CE) Smyrna - Ionia

Smyrna (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I CE-early II CE
AGRW 187 = ISmyrna 331 = Pleket 1958, no. 5 = SEG 18 (1962), no. 518 = PHI 255489 = AGRW ID# 1397
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1178


Slab of blue marble (27 x 33 x 2 cm), now in the Rijksmuseum, Leiden (inv. I.1900/1.25). This association was evidently devoted to Marcus Agrippa, the son-in-law of Augustus. Adana was located in the province of Cilicia.

The companions who are friends of Agrippa (philagrippai symbiōtai) prepared the memorial for their own companion, Marion from Adana, who is also known as Mareis, for the sake of remembrance.

Translation by: Harland

οἱ φιλαγρίππαι ǀ συμβιωταὶ κατεǀσκεύασαν τὸ μνηǀμεῖον τῷ ἰδίῳ ǀǀ συμβιωτῇ Μαǀρίωνι τῷ καὶ Μαǀρει Ἀδανεῖ μνήǀμης χάριν.

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