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[175] Grave of a Physician Cared for by the Physicians (II CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II CE
AGRW 175 = IEph 2304 = PHI 250309 = AGRW ID# 1325


Coffin (sarcophagus) between the Koressian Gate and the temple of Artemis. The term “Mouseion (= Museum) was used for buildings dedicated to the Muses (mythical figures of intellectual and artistic inspiration), in this case a place of learning.

This grave and the altar beneath it belong to Marcus Pompeius Boron, emperor–loving physician—still living—and to his wife Ulpia Neike—still living.  It is not lawful for anyone else to be buried in it.  Now if anyone places a body in it, erases the inscription, or tries to sell it, may that person—either the seller or the buyer—not be satisfied in life, children, and body.  The association (synedrion) of physicians from the Mouseion in Ephesos takes care of the grave.  He left to them a legacy worth 4,600 denarii to be distributed by lot.

Translation by: Harland

αὕτη ἡ σορός ἐστιν καὶ ὁ ὑποκείμενος βωμὸς Μ(άρκου) Πομ(πηΐου) Βόρωνος ἰατροῦ φιλοσεβάστου· ζῇ· ǀ καὶ Οὐλπίας Νείκης γυναικὸς αὐτοῦ· ζῇ· ǀ εἰς τὴν ἑτέρῳ οὐδενὶ ἐξέσται βληθῆναι· ἐὰν δέ τις ἕτερον βάλῃ πτῶμα, ǀ ἢ γράμμα ἐκκόψῃ, ἢ πωλήσῃ, μὴ ἐνπλήσθοιτο μήτε βίου μήτε τέκǀνων μήτε σώματος μήτε ὁ πωλήσας μήτε ὁ ἀγοράσας. ǀǀ τῆς σοροῦ κήδονται τὸ συνέδριον, οἱ ἐν Ἐφέσῳ ἀπὸ τοῦ Μουσείου ἰατροί, οἷς καθιερωσάτην εἰς κλῆρον μ(υριάδας) δʹ κ(αι) χʹ.

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