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[170] Honors by Civic Institutions and Wine-Tasters for P. Vedius Antoninus II (162/163 CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 162/163 CE
AGRW 170 = GRA 131 = IEph 728 = PHI 249108 = AGRW ID# 1313
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1601


Base of marble with a relief of Artemis Ephesia on the right side (later deliberately damaged), found reused in the Scholastikia baths (206 cm tall; letter height: 2.5–2.8 cm).

The Council and the People (dēmos) of the first and greatest metropolis of Asia, twice temple–warden of the Augusti (Sebastoi), the city of the Ephesians, honored P. Vedius Antoninus, son of P. Vedius Antoninus.  The elder Antoninus was civic president, head of the gymnasium, twice secretary of the People, Asiarch, festival–leader of the great Ephesian (10) and Pasithean festivals, and legate to the senate and the emperors.  The honoree, Antoninus the younger, was civic president, secretary, Asiarch, festival–leader of the great Ephesian games and chief–officer of the Olympian games.  He served as ambassador to the senate and the (20) emperors concerning the greatest matters, and he was himself a victor.  He served as head of the gymnasium unfailingly during the visit of the greatest emperor Lucius Aurelius Verus all the days he visited.  He has also adorned the city with many and great works, (30) and he has shown love of honor readily and voluntarily each time.  Those who are engaged in the taste (i.e. wine–tasters [?]) set up this statue.

Translation by: Harland

τῆς πρώτης καὶ μεγίστης μητροπόλεως | τῆς Ἀσίας καὶ δὶς νεωκόρου τῶν Σεβαστῶν | Ἐφεσίων πόλεως ἡ βουλὴ καὶ ὁ δῆμ[ος] | ἐτείμησεν || Πο. Οὐήδιον Ἀντωνεῖνον, ὑὸν Πο. | Οὐηδίου Ἀντωνείνου, πρυτάνεως | καὶ γυμνασ[ιάρχο]υ καὶ δὶς γραμματέως | τοῦ δήμου [καὶ ἀ]σιάρχου καὶ πανη|γυριάρχου τῶν μεγάλ[ω]ν Ἐφεσήων | καὶ Πασιθέων, πρεσβεύσαντος | πρός τε τὴν σύγκλητον | καὶ τοὺς αὐτοκράτορας, | καὶ αὐτὸν πρύτανιν καὶ | γραμματέα καὶ ἀσιάρχην || καὶ πανηγυρίαρχον τῶν | μεγάλων Ἐφεσήων καὶ | ἀλυτάρχην τῶν Ὀλυμπίων, | πρεσβεύσαντα πρός τε τὴν | σύγκλητον καὶ τοὺς αὐτο||κράτορας περὶ τῶν μεγίστων | καὶ ἀεὶ νικήσαντα, γυμνα|σιαρχήσαντα δὲ καὶ ἐν ταῖς | ἐπιδημίαις τοῦ μεγίστου | αὐτοκράτορος Λουκίου || Αὐρηλίου Οὐήρου ἀνεν|δεῶς πᾶσιν αἷς ἐπεδήμη|σεν ἡμέραις, πολλοῖς καὶ | μεγάλοις ἔργοις κεκοσ|μηκότα τὴν πόλιν καὶ || ἐν παντὶ καιρῷ προθύμως | καὶ ἑκουσίως πεφιλοτειμη|μένον. | τὸν ἀνδριάντα ἀνέστησαν | οἱ ἐπὶ τὸ γεῦμα πραγμα||τευόμενοι.

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