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[166] Dedication with Honorary Membership in a Society for Emperor Trajan (98-117 CE) Ephesos area [Thyaira] - Ionia

Ephesos area [Thyaira] (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 98-117 CE
AGRW 166 = IEph 3329 = Jaccottet 2003, vol. 2, no. 142. = IDionysosJ 135 = AGRW ID# 1298


Monument (170 x 130 cm) found in the Church of the Taxiarchoi in Tire.

… For Dionysos and emperor (?) … Nerva Trajan Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who is also a member of the society of Dionysos.  Euboulos Kassandros son of Apollonios, “the aged old man,” Menestratos son of Menestratos, Attalos son of Metrodoros …

Translation by: Harland

[Διονύσῳ καὶ Αὐτοǀκρ]άτορι Νέρβᾳ Τραϊανῷ Καίσαρι ǀ Σεβαστῷ Γερμανικῷ τῶι καὶ θεαǀσώτηι Διονύσ<ι>ου· Εὔβουλος Κάσǀǀσανδρος Ἀπολλωνίου τοῦ παλαιοῦ ǀ γέροντος· Μενέστρατος Μενεστράǀτου· Ἄτταλος Μητροδ[ώρου — — —]

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