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[145] Honors by a Judean Synagogue for Julia Severa and Others (ca. 100 CE) Akmoneia - Phrygia

Akmoneia (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 100 CE
AGRW 145 = GRA 113 = IJO II 168 = MAMA VI 264 = CIJ 766 = PHI 270132 = AGRW ID# 821


Slab of white marble with a panel and traces of handles (ansae) on the right and left, found re–used as a support for a veranda of a home (49 x 58 x 15 cm; letter height: 1.75–2.25 cm). Another honorary inscription set up by the elders' organization at Akmoneia shows that Julia Severa was a high-priestess in the local imperial cult (MAMA VI 263):

The elders’ organization (gerousia) honoured Julia Severa, daughter of Gaius, high–priestess and director of contests of the whole household of the Augustan (Sebastoi) gods, because of her virtue and benefaction towards the elders' organization…

ἡ γερουσία ἐτεί̣ǀμησεν ǀ Ἰουλίαν Γαΐου θυǀγατέρα Σεουήǀǀραν, ἀρχιέρειαν κα̣[ὶ] ǀ ἀγωνοθέτιν τοῦ ǀ σ̣ύνπαντος τῶν ǀ [θ]εῶν Σεβαστῶν ǀ [οἴ]κ̣ου, πάσης ἀρεǀǀ[τ]ῆς χάριν καὶ τῆς ǀ [εἰ]ς̣ αὐτὴν̣ εὐεργεǀσί[ας]· ǀ [τὴν ἀνάστασι]ν̣ πο[ιηǀσαμένου — — —]

The building (oikos), which was built by Julia Severa, was renovated by P. Tyrronius Klados, head of the synagogue for life, Lucius son of Lucius, also head of the synagogue, and Popilius Zotikos, leader, from their own resources and from the common deposit.  They decorated the walls and ceiling, made the windows secure, and (10) took care of all the rest of the decoration.  The synagogue honoured them with a gilded shield because of their virtuous disposition, goodwill, and diligence in relation to the synagogue.

Translation by: Harland

τὸν κατασκευασθέ[ν]τ̣α ο[ἶ]κον ὑπ̣ὸ̣ | Ἰουλίας Σεουήρας Π̣. Τυρρώνιος Κλά|δος ὁ διὰ βίου ἀρχισυνάγωγος καὶ | Λούκιος Λουκίου ἀρχισυνάγωγος || καὶ Ποπίλιος Ζωτικὸς ἄρχων ἐπεσ|κεύασαν ἔκ τε τῶν ἰδίων καὶ τῶν συν|καταθεμένων καὶ ἔγραψαν τοὺς τοί|χους καὶ τὴν ὀροφὴν καὶ ἐποίησαν | τὴν τῶν θυρίδων ἀσφάλειαν καὶ τὸν || [λυ]πὸν πάντα κόσμον, οὕστινας κα[ὶ] | ἡ συναγωγὴ ἐτείμησεν ὅπλῳ ἐπιχρύ|σῳ διά τε τὴν ἐνάρετον αὐτῶν δ̣[ι]ά̣θ[ε̣]|σ̣ιν καὶ τὴν π̣ρ̣ὸς τὴν συναγωγὴν εὔνο̣ι̣ά̣ν | τε και σ̣[που]δήν.

IJO II 168: Photo from MAMA VI 264.
Public domain.

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