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[10] Decrees Regarding a Kitian Temple for the Syrian Aphrodite (333/332 BCE) Piraeus - Attica

Piraeus (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), 333/332 BCE
AGRW 10 = GRA I 3 = IG II² 337 = LSCG 34 = PHI 2554 = Greek Economic Inscriptions 015 = AGRW ID# 3045
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Slab of Pentelic marble, now in the Epigraphical Museum, Athens (EM 7173). Athenian decrees typically begin with the expression “Gods!” to indicate that appropriate rites and invocations have been performed.

Gods! In the year that Nikokrates was civic leader (archōn), in the first presidency of the tribe of Aigeis, Theophilos of Phegaia, chair of the presiders, put the following to a vote and the Council made the resolution:

Antidotos son of Apollodoros of Sypalettos made the following motion: In regard to what the Kitians (i.e. immigrants from Kition on Cyprus) propose concerning the establishment of the temple to Aphrodite, it is resolved by the Council that the presiders, who are chosen by lot to preside in the first session (ekklēsia), shall bring them forward and deal with the business and put to the People the proposal of the Council: that it seems good to the Council that the People, having listened to the Kitians regarding the foundation of the temple and to any other Athenian who wishes to speak, should decide whatever seems best.

In the year that Nikokrates was civic leader (archōn), during the second presidency of the tribe of Pandionis, the question was put by Phanostratos of Philaidai, chair of the presiders. The Council made the resolution:

The motion of Lycourgos son of Lykophron of Butadai: Since the Kitian merchants are making a legitimate request in asking the People for the right to lease the land on which they propose to establish a temple of Aphrodite, let it be it resolved by the assembly to grant to the Kitian merchants the lease of the land to establish the temple of Aphrodite, in the same way that the Egyptians also established the temple of Isis.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

[θ]εοί. | ἐπὶ Νικοκράτους ἄρχοντ|ος ἐπὶ τῆς Αἰγεῖδος πρώτ|ης πρυτανείας· τῶν προέδ||ρων ἐπεψήφιζεν Θεόφιλο|ς Φηγούσιος· ἔδοξεν τῆι β|ουλεῖ· Ἀντίδοτος Ἀπολλο|δώρου Συπαλήττιος εἶπε|ν· περὶ ὧν λέγουσιν οἱ Κιτ||ιεῖς περὶ τῆς ἱδρύσειως | τῆι Ἀφροδίτηι τοῦ ἱεροῦ, | ἐψηφίσθαι τεῖ βουλεῖ το|ὺς προέδρους οἳ ἂν λάχωσ|ι προεδρεύειν εἰς τὴν πρ||ώτην ἐκκλησίαν προσαγα|γεῖν αὐτοὺς καὶ χρηματί|σαι, γνώμην δὲ ξυνβάλλεσ|θαι τῆς βουλῆς εἰς τὸν δῆ|μον ὅτι δοκεῖ τῆι βουλεῖ || ἀκούσαντα τὸν δῆμον τῶν | Κιτιείων περὶ τῆς ἱδρύσ|ειως τοῦ ἱεροῦ καὶ ἄλλου | Ἀθηναίων τοῦ βουλομένο|υ βουλεύσασθαι ὅτι ἂν αὐ||τῶι δοκεῖ ἄριστον εἶναι. | ἐπὶ Νικοκράτους ἄρχοντ|ος ἐπὶ τῆς Πανδιονίδος δ|ευτέρας πρυτανείας· τῶν | προέδρων ἐπεψήφιζεν Φα||νόστρατος Φιλαίδης· ἔδο|ξεν τῶι δήμωι· Λυκο̑ργος Λ|υκόφρονος Βουτάδης εἶπ|εν· περὶ ὧν οἱ ἔνποροι οἱ Κ|ιτιεῖς ἔδοξαν ἔννομα ἱκ||ετεύειν αἰτοῦντες τὸν δ|ῆμον χωρίου ἔνκτησιν ἐν | ὧι ἱδρύσονται ἱερὸν Ἀφρ|οδίτης, δεδόχθαι τῶι δήμ|ωι δοῦναι τοῖς ἐμπόροις || τῶν Κιτιέων ἔνκτησι[ν] χ[ω]|ρίου ἐν ὧι ἱδρύσονται τὸ | ἱερὸν τῆς Ἀφροδίτης καθ|άπερ καὶ οἱ Αἰγύπτιοι τὸ | τῆς Ἴσιδος ἱερὸν ἵδρυντ||αι.

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