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Gold Leaf Mentioning Societies of Initiates of Demeter and Mother Oreia (300 BCE) Pherai - Thessaly

Pherai (Thessaly, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map)
Alberto Bernabé, "Some Thoughts about the ‘New’ Gold Tablet from Pherai," ZPE 166 (2008) 53–58 = Maria Stamatopoulou and Robert Parker, “A New Funerary Gold Leaf from Pherai,” Archaeologike Ephemeris (2004) 1–32 = Franco Ferrari and Lucia Prauscello, "Demeter Chthonia and the Mountain Mother in a New Gold Tablet from Magoula Mati," ZPE 162 (2007) 193–202 = SEG 55:612 = PHI 333523  = ID# 16313

 300 BCE


Oblong rectangular gold leaf with an inscription in verse (broken at the right end). Found in a marble repository in a grave. This is one among the gold leaves or tablets that provide instruction to the deceased with respect to the underworld.

Send me towards the societies (thiasoi) of initiates (mystai).  I have the secret rites … and the initiations of Demeter Chthonia and of the Mountain Oreia Mother.

Translation by: Harland

πέμπε με πρὸς μυστῶ<ν> θιάσους· ἔχω ὄργια [— —] ǀ Δήμητρος Χθονίας <τε> τέλη καὶ Μητρὸς Ὀρεί[ας].

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