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Spaces Reserved (?) for Workers in the Market (ca. 200 CE) Gerasa - Decapolis

Gerasa (Decapolis, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map)
IGerasa 80-81 = A.H.M. Jones, "Some Inscriptions from Jerash," Palestine Exploration Quarterly 60 (1928) 186–197, at 191 (nos. 9-10)) = SEG 7 (1934), no. 880 (9-10) = PHI 305015  = ID# 22952

 ca. 200 CE


Rough inscription on a column on the west side of the main street (cardo) in front of the indoor market (macellum). While these may be reserved spaces, the rough inscriptions may also indicate donations by these workers to the market building.

(IGerasa 80:) Place of the workers in the marketplace (agoraioi).

(IGerasa 81:) Place of the workers in the marketplace.


Written/translated by: Harland

{IGerasa 80}

{IGerasa 81}

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