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Mortgage Marker for a Loan by Society-members (ca. 400-350 BCE) Athens - Attica

Athens (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map)
S. D. Lambert, "Notes on Two Attic 'Horoi': And Some Corrigenda to 'The Phratries of Attica,'" ZPE 110 (1996) 77–83 (new reading) = IG II² 2720 (old reading) = Finley 1951, 132 (no. 43) (old reading) = PHI 4971  = ID# 22700

 ca. 400-350 BCE


Horos slab of marble found in the area of the Parthenon. The phrase "sold on condition of release" (πεπραμένων ἐπὶ λυσει) denotes not an actual sale, but the offering of securities for a loan with an expectation that the pledged securities would be "released" upon repayment of the loan.

Marker (horos) of a property sold on condition of release to the society-members (thiasōtai = thiasitai) of Demotes for a loan of 100 drachmas.

Translation by: Harland

ὅρος χωρίο | πεπραμένο ἐπὶ λ|ύσει θιασώταις{ις} | Δημοτο͂ Η.

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