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Honors by Worshippers of Hermanubis for Helenos and Cassius (III CE) ? Thessalonike - Macedonia

Thessalonike (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia Pleiades map)
IG X,2.1 220 = RICIS 113/0576 = SIRIS 110 = PHI 137402  = ID# 23825


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Base of white marble. Now in the museum at Thessaloniki (inv. ΜΘ 1790). The god Hermanubis is a combination of Hermes and the Egyptian deity Anubis.

This was set up in honor of Pomponius Helenos and Cassius, leaders (prostates; or: patrons) of the worshippers (thrēskeutai) and precinct-initiates (sēkobatai) of the god Hermanubis.  Claudius Auximos who is also known as the Pierian did this as an honor for his father, Claudius Gaius, for the sake of honor when Marcus Aurelius Justus was the chief temple-warden (archinakoros).

Translated by: Harland

[Π]ο̣νπώνιον Ἕλενον κὲ Κάσσιον | [π]ρ̣οστάτες θρησκευτῶν καὶ τῶν σηκοβατῶν | θ̣εοῦ Ἑρμανούβιδος Κλαύδιον Αὔξιμον | τὸν καὶ Πιέριν τὴ<ν> πρὸς τὸν 〚π̣α̣τ̣[έ]ρ̣α̣〛 || πατέρα τειμὴν Κλαύδιον Γάϊον τειμῆς χάρι̣ν̣ | ἀρχινακοροῦντος Μάρ(κου) Αὐρ(ηλίου) Ἰούστου.

RICIS 113/0576. Photo © Laurent Bricault 2005.  Reproduced with permission.

RICIS 113/0576.
Photo © Laurent Bricault 2005. Reproduced with permission.

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