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Honors by Romans, Merchants and Workers for Lucius Aufidius (ca. 100 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map)
IDelos 1729 = PHI 64169  = ID# 21307

 ca. 100 BCE


Orthostat of a base of white marble (58 x 52 x 2 cm). Found in 1906 at the far eastern end of the portico of Antigonos (inv. Ε 190).

Athenians, (?) . . . Romans, other foreigners, merchants (emporoi), shippers (nauklēroi), . . . and those working (hoi ergazomenoi) for the bank set this up for Lucius Aufidius.  This was dedicated to Apollo, Artemis, . . . and Leto (?).

Translation by: Harland

[Λεύκι]ον [Αὐ]φί[διον] | [Ἀθηναίων κ]αὶ Ῥωμαίων καὶ τῶν ἄλλων | [ξένων? ο]ἱ ἔμποροι καὶ ναύκλη[ροι καὶ οἱ] | [ἐργαζόμε]νοι τῇ τραπέζ[ῃ] ἀ[νέθηκαν], || Ἀπόλλωνι, Ἀρτέμιδι, [Λητοῖ].

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