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Grave of a Banker (undated) Korykos - Cilicia

Korykos (Cilicia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
MAMA III 771 = CIG 9179 = IGLAM 1443 = PHI 286671 = AGRW ID# 13481


Grave inscription, likely Christian based on the presence of crosses. The term systēma is sometimes used for an association, but may also refer to some other group or organization (e.g. an organization such as the elders / gerousia).

… of the association of the most noble bankers.

Translation by: Harland

☩ τοῦ συσστέματος (συστήματος) ǀ το̑ν εὐγενεστάτον ǀ ☩ τραπεζιτôν. ☩

MAMA III 771: Facsimile from Keil and Wilhelm.
Public domain.

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