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Dedication to the Savior gods by Priests and Society-members (ca. 325-300 BCE) Olbia - Scythia and Moesia

Olbia (Scythia and Moesia, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), ca. 325-300 BCE
GRA 92 (commentary, pp. 12-13) = IOlbiaD 11 = IOlbiaKL 71 = V.F. Stolba, “A Prosopographical Note on IOlbia 71 (Dubois IGDOlbia 11),” Mnemosyne 66 (2013) 293-302 = BE 1959, 270 (Robert) = Ustinova 1988, 156-159 = SEG 18 (1962), no. 304 = PHI 184075 = AGRW ID# 11596
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1257


Base of white marble found in 1938, now in the historical museum at Kiev (25 x 34 x 22 cm). This group which labels its members both priests and society-members apparently drew its membership almost entirely from two generations of the same family. The names in the final part are heavily damaged. The reconstruction of that portion here follows Stolba 2013, who reconstructs this based, in part, on names in a contemporary inscription (IPontEux I² 201).

. . .  This was dedicated to the Saviour gods (?).  Priests of the Heuresibieians … (column 1) and society–members (thiasitai): Heuresibios son of Leokrates, Polykrates son of Leokrates, Polymedes son of Leokrates, Polystratos son of Leokrates, Polycharmos (?) son of Leokrates, Polydemos (?) son of Leokrates, (10) Polymedon (?) son of Leokrates, (column 2) Leokrates son of Polycharmos (?) …, Heragores son of Name …, Arreneides son of Name… Eumenes son of Leoprepes (?), Heuresibios son of Eumenes (?)…, Leoprepes son of Eumenes (?) …, Syriskos son of Eumenes (?) …, and Poseidonios (?).

Translation by: Harland

[θεο]ὺς Σωτ[ῆρας] {Robert} ǀ [ἱ]ερεῖς Εὐρησι[βιείων] {Ustinova}

{column 1, line 3}

[καὶ θι]ασῖται· ǀ [Εὑ]ρησίβιος Λεωκράτεος, ǀǀ [Πο]λυκράτης Λεωκράτεος, ǀ [Πο]λυμήδης Λ[ε]ωκράτεος, ǀ [Πο]λύστρατος Λεωκράτεος, ǀ [Πολύ]χαρμος Λεωκράτεος, ǀ [Πολύδ]ημος Λεωκράτεος, ǀǀ [Πολυμέ]δ̣ων Λεωκράτε̣[ος]

{column 2, line 3; following Stolba}

Λεωκράτης Π̣[ολυχάρμου ?], ǀ Ἡραγόρη[ς] Πρα̣[— —], ǀǀ Ἀρρενείδης Λ̣[— —], ǀ Εὐμένης Λεω̣[πρέπεος ?], ǀ Εὑρησίβιος Ẹ[ὐμένεος ?], ǀ Λεωπρέπης Εὑμ̣[ενεος], ǀ Συρίσ̣κ̣ο̣ς̣ Ε̣[ὐμένεος ?] ǀ [Πο]σ̣[ειδώνιος / –είδιππος — —].

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  • Vladimir Stolba says:
    April 26, 2016 / Reply

    You adopt my restoration of column 2 published in Mnemosyne 66, 2013, but I cannot see any references to my paper, neither here on the page nor in your bibliography. This is a bit awkward.

    • Phil Harland says:
      April 26, 2016 / Reply

      Hello Vladimir. Thanks so much for pointing this accidental omission out. What has happened is that you are properly cited in the book GRA 2. This translation and text was drawn from that work but somehow we forgot to add your article to the citations. Thank you. I have added it along with some other things now. Phil

  • Vladimir Stolba says:
    April 27, 2016 / Reply

    Thanks, Phil!

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