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Dedication to Zeus and the Devotees of Bennios (II CE) Aizanoi area - Phrygia

Aizanoi area (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II CE
MAMA X 304 = Thomas Drew-Bear and Christian Naour, “Divinités De Phrygie,” ANRW II.18.3 (1990) 1987-1991 (no. 19) = PHI 269256 = AGRW ID# 5466
Copenhagen Inventory info: 504


Cylindrical altar of white marble (94 cm high). The term bennos may, as Drew-Bear argue, be a north Phrygian term for an "association." On the other hand, B. Levick and S. Mitchell suggest that bennos was more likely a term for a cult object or statue of some sort (see the notes to MAMA X 222 for this interpretation).

Tryphon son of Meniskos dedicated this to Zeus and to the devotees of Bennios (benneitai).

Translation by: Harland

Τρύφων Μενίσκου Διὶ | καὶ τοῖς Βεννείταις.

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  • Burak Takmer says:
    June 25, 2018 / Reply

    Dear Mr. Harland,

    for the inscription and commentary of benneitai see also:

    Benedikt Eckhardt, Romanization and Isomorphic Change in Phrygia: the Case of Private Associations, JRS 106, 2016, pp. 147–171 (esp. 163-166).

    He thinks that the meaning of the word was rather broad; it could
    designate a cult community, but also a feast or festive assembly. He also adds that a bennarches must always be the leader of an organization is not sufficient to rule out this possibility.

    Best regards

  • Burak Takmer says:
    June 25, 2018 / Reply

    Therefore bennaitai may not be the devotees of Zeus Bennios, but Zeus.

  • Burak Takmer says:
    June 25, 2018 / Reply

    I am not sure if the find spot of the inscription, Pazarcık, lies in the territory of Aizanoi or in that of Kotiaion.

  • Phil Harland says:
    August 6, 2018 / Reply

    Yes, Eckhardt does offer one particular interpretation here. THanks for mentioning it.

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