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Dedication to Dionysos Kathegemon by Initiates (II-III CE) Akmoneia area [Sebaste] - Phrygia

Akmoneia area [Sebaste] (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II-III CE
Thomas Drew-Bear and Christian Naour, “Divinités De Phrygie,” ANRW II.18.3 (1990) 1947-1949 (no. 12) = SEG 40 (1990), no. 1223 = SEG 40 (1990), no. 1223 = PHI 273062  = ID# 6273


Bust of Dionysos in white marble with an inscription beneath (25 x 26.5 x 14 cm).

The initiates (mystai) set this up for Dionysos Kathegemon (“Dionysos the Leader”).  T. Flavius Fortunatus and Dionysios son of Menandros were priests.  T. Flavius Fortunatus the younger, Menandros son of Dionysios . . . (remaining list of members lost).

Translation by: Harland

Διονύσῳ Καθηγεμόνι | οἱ μύσται ἀνέθηκαν· | Τ. Φλάουιος Φορτουνᾶτος | Διονύσιος Μενάνδρου ἱερεῖς· || [Τ.] Φλάουιος Φορτουνᾶτος νεώτερ(ος) | Μένανδ̣ρ̣ο̣ς Δ̣ι̣ο̣[νυσίου] | — — —

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