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Dedication by Demetrios from Alexandria for Devotees of Athena and of Zeus (II BCE) Kos - Southeastern islands

Kos (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), II BCE
IKosS EV 223 = PHI 186040 = AGRW ID# 11448


Altar of white marble (16 x 18 x 14 cm).

Demetrios from Alexandria dedicated this for the devotees of Lindian Athena and the devotees of Zeus Atabyrios who are with Hermagoras Soteridas.

Translation by: Harland

[Δημ]ήτριος Ἀλε|[ξα]ν̣δ̣ρεὺς Ἀθη|[ναισ]ταῖς Λινδι|[αστ]αῖς κ̣αὶ Διια||[ταβ]υ̣ριασταῖς̣ | [τοῖς] σὺν Ἑρμα|[γόρᾳ] Σωτηρίδα.

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  • Andrew Smith says:
    June 26, 2016 / Reply

    Hi. I don’t understand the word “Diastaburiasts” in the title of this inscription. Should it be Diiatabyriasts, as in the translation? A quick look on Google suggests that Zeus Atabyrios was worshipped in some places. Thanks.

    • Phil Harland says:
      November 25, 2016 / Reply

      Thank you for this, Andrew. I have modified accordingly.

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