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[41] Contributions to the Temple of Silvanus by Members of an Association (II CE) Philippi - Macedonia

Philippi (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), II CE
AGRW 41 = GRA I 68 = CIL III 633 = AGRW ID# 2227


Latin inscriptions carved on the rock face of the acropolis, which had been quarried to serve as the rear wall of a sanctuary of Silvanus. The earliest inscription (I) provides the names of those who have donated to the building and ornamentation of the temple of Silvanus while the second (II) records a full list of association members, with space for more names to be added. Inscription III provides the names of new members, added at a later date. The latest inscription added (IV) again lists members from a different time, but is somewhat difficult to read. The membership lists show that the members are men who are Roman citizens of western and eastern origin, mostly freedmen but there are also four slaves.

(I) Publius Hostilius Philadelphus, on account of the honor of the office of the magistrate of public works (aedile), at his own expense, had inscribed the names of the association members who gave funds for the construction of the temple. Domitus Primigenius gave a bronze statue of Silvanus with a house. Gaius Horatius Sabinus gave 400 roof-tiles towards roofing the temple. Nutrius Valens gave two marble statues of Herakles and Mercury. Paccius Mercuriales gave 250 denarii for concrete in front of the temple and 15 denarii for a painted board of Olympus. Publicius Laetus donated 50 denarii for building the temple. Likewise Paccius Mercuriales with his sons and freedman donated 50 denarii for building the temple as well as 25 denarii for a marble statue of Liber. Alfenus Aspasius, priest, gave a bronze image of Silvanus with a base and, while he was still living, deposited 50 denarii for his funeral. Hostilius Philadelphus had the rock ascending into the temple quarried at his own expense.

(II) Publius Hostilius Philadelphus, freedman of Publius, at his own expense, cut out the frame and set the inscription on the rock below, where he wrote and engraved the names of the worshippers during the time of the priest Urbanus:  (column A) Lucius Volattius Urbanus the priest,  Lucius Nutrius Valens junior, Hermeros Metrodori the slave, Gaius Paccius Mercurialis, Publius Vettius Victor,  Gaius Abellius Anteros, Orinus the colonist, Marcus Publicius Valens, Crescens Abelli, Gaius Flavius Pudens, Marcus Varinius Chresimus, Marcus Minucius Januarius,  Publius Hostilius Philadelphus, Publius Herennius Venustus, Lucius Domitius Ikarus, Marcus Publicius Laetus, Gaius Abellius Agathopus, Gaius Curtius Secundus, Publius Ofillius Rufus, Gaius Horatius Sabinus, Titus Claudius Magnus, Lucius Domitius Primigenius, Lucius Atiarius Thamyrus, (column B) Marcus Herennius Helenus, Gaius Atilius Fuscus, Gaius Atilius Niger, Tharsa the colonist, Phoebus the colonist, Lucius Laelius Felix, Marcus Plotius Gelos, Publius Trosius Geminus, Marcus Plotius Valens, Marcus Plotius Plotianus his son, Marcus Plotius Valens his son, Lucius Atiarius Successus, Gaius Herennius Valens, Lucius Atiarius Successus, Gaius Herennius Valens, Gaius Velleius Rixa, Titus Flavius Clymenus, Lucius Domitius Callistus, Gaius Decimus Germanus, Marcus Publicius Primigenius, Gaius Paccius Trophimus, Lucius Atiarius Firmus, Publius Vettius Aristobulus, Chrysio Pacci, (column C) Hostilius Natales, Gaius Paccius Mercuriales the freedperson, Marcus Alfenus Aspasius the priest, Gaius Valerius Firmus, Velleius Paibes, Aulus Velleius Onesimus, Phoibus the colonist, Gaius Flavius Pudens, Lucius Volattius Firmus, Marcus Publicius Cassius, Gaius Abellius Secundus, Atilius Fuscus, Lucius Domitius Venerianus, Lucius Volattius Urbanus, Gaius Julius Philippus, Lucius Domitius Icario, Canuleius Crescens, Lucius Atiarius Moschas, Fontius Capito, Marcus Glitius Carus, Lucius Atiarius Suauis, Domitius Peregrinus, (column D) Julius Candidus, Valerius Clemens.

(III) (column A) Callistus, . . . Optatus,  Domitius Venerianus, Atilius Fuscus, Atiarius Firmus, Domitius Icario, . . . (four lines of missing names) . . .,  (column B) Popilius. . ., Veturius . . ., Popillius. . ., Domitius. . ., Capitius Venerianus, . . . Trophimus, . . . (four lines of missing names). . ., (column C) . . . (one missing line) . . ., Julius Crispus, Atiarius Aniites of the sixth division, Paccius Germanus, Veronius Euhemerus, . . . (missing line), Petronius Optatus junior, Cassius Ocraterus, Sallustius Magnus, Acomius Tertullus, Petronius Eutyches, Petronius Zosimus of the seventh division, Atiarius Rusticus.

(IV) The members of the association (collegium) of Silvanus during the time of the priest Magius Victor:  Quintus Sedius Proclus the father, Varius Dionysi, . . . (missing line), Sedius Valens, . . ., Proculus . . ., Publius Sulpicius, Quintus . . ., Afros (?) from the forum (?),  S, Gaius Agapetus Heracliei, Martiales the brother, Urtius Silvanus.

Translation by: Ascough

(I) P(ublius) Hostilius Philadelphus, | ob honor(em) aedilit(atis) titulum polivit | de suo et nomina sodal(ium) inscripsit eorum,qui munera posuerunt. || Domitius Primigenius statuam | aeream Silvani cum aede. | C(aius) oratius Sabinus at templum tegend(um) | tegulas CCCC tectas. | Nutrius Valens sigilla marmuria || dua Herculem et Mercurium; | Paccius Mercuriales opus cementic(ium) | X CCL ante templum et tabula picta Olympum X XV. | Publicius Laetus at templus aedifi|candum donavit X L. || Item Paccius Mercuriales at templum | aedificandum cum filis et liberto don(avit) | X L, item sigillum marmurium Liberi X XXV. | Alfenus Aspasius sacred(os) | signum aer(eum) Silvani cum basi, || item vivus X L mortis causae sui | remisit. | Hostilius Philadelphus inscin|dentibus in templo petram excidit | d(e) s(uo).

(II) P(ublius) Hostilius P(ublii) l(ibertus) Philadelphus | petram inferior(em) excidit et titulum fecit, ubi | nomina cultor(um) scripsit et sculpsit sac(erdote) Urbano, s(ua) p(ecunia). [col. A] L(ucius) Volattius Urbanus sac(erdos), | L(ucius) Nutrius Valens iun(ior), | Hermeros Metrodori (servus), | C(aius) Paccius Mercurialis, || P(ublius) Vettius Victor, | C(aius) Abellius Anteros, | Orinus coloniae, | M(arcus) Publicius Valens, | Crescens Abelli, || C(aius) Flavius Pudens, | M(arcus) Varinius Chresimus, | M(arcus) Minucius Ianvarius, | P(ublius) Hostilius Philadelphus, | P(ublius) Herennius Venustus, || L(ucius) Domitius Ikarus, | M(arcus) Publicius Laetus, | C(aius) Abellius Agathopus, | C(aius) Curtius Secundus, | P(ublius) Ofillius Rufus, || C(aius) Horatius Sabinus, | T(itus) Claudius Magnus, | L(ucius) Domitius Primigenius, | L(ucius) Atiarius Thamyrus, [col. B] M(arcus) Herennius Helenus, | C(aius) Atilius Fuscus, | C(aius) Atilius Niger, | Tharsa coloniae, | Phoebus coloniae, | L(ucius) Laelius Felix, | M(arcus) Plotius Gelos, | P(ublius) Trosius Geminus, | M(arcus) Plotius Valens, | M(arcus) Plotius Plotianus f(ilius), | M(arcus) Plotius Valens f(ilius), | L(ucius) Atiarius Successus, | C(aius) Herennius Valens, | L(ucius) Atiarius Successus, | C(aius) Herennius Valens, | C(aius) Velleius Rixa, | T(itus) Flav[iu]s Clymenus, | L(ucius) Domitius Callistus, | C(aius) Decimus Germanus, | M(arcus) Publicius Primigenius, | C(aius) Paccius Trophimus, | L(ucius) Atiarius Firmus, | P(ublius) Vettius Aristobulus, | Chrysio Pacci, [col. C] Hostilius Natales, | C(aius) Paccius Mercuriales l(ibertus), | M(arcus) Alfenus Aspasius sacerdos, | C(aius) Valerius Firmus, || Velleius Paibes, | A(ulus) Velleius Onesimus, | Phoibus colon(iae), | C(aius) Flavius Pudens, | L(ucius) Volattius Firmus, || M(arcus) Publicius Cassius, | C(aius) Abellius Secundus, | Atilius Fuscus, | L(ucius) Domitius Venerianus, | L(ucius) Volattius Urbanus, || C(aius) Iulius Philippus, | L(ucius) Domitius Icario, | Canuleius Crescens, | L(ucius) Atiarius Moschas, | Fontius Capito, || M(arcus) Glitius Carus, | L(ucius) Atiarius Suauis, | Domitius Peregrinus, [col. D] Iulius Candidus, | Valerius Clemens.

(III) [col. A] [Cal]list(us) | […]s Optatus | [Domiti]us Venerianus || Atilius Fuscus | Atiarius Firmus | Domitius Icario | […] | […] || […] | […] [col. B] Popili(us) T[…] | Veturius […]us | Popillius […]ilus || Domitius […]nchus | Capitius (Ve)nerianus | […]us Trophimus | […] | […] || […] | […] [col. C] […] | Iulius Crispus | Atiarius Aniites | d(ecuria) VI || Paccius Germanus | Veronius Euhemerus | […]ius | Petronius Optatus iun(ior) | Cassius Ocraterus || Sallustius Magnus | Acomius Tertullus | Petronius Eutyches | Petronius Zosimus | d(ecuria) VII || Atiarius Rusticus

(IV) Cul[tores colleg]i Silbani s(ub)s(cripti) D | sacerdot[e] Magio Bictore: | Q(uintus) Sedius Proclus pater Var(ius) Dionysi, D[…] | Sedius Valens, … neanisc[-]arc[…] || LL Proculus … | P(ublius) Sulp(icius), Quintus … Afros a foro | S | C(aius) Agapetus Heracliei | Martiales fr(ater) || Urtius Silba[nus]

Contributions to the Temple of Silvanus at Philippi.
© Richard S. Ascough 2012.


Section I (bottom middle) of Silvanus inscription.Copyright Harland 2017.

Section I (bottom middle) of Silvanus inscription.
© Harland 2017.


Section I of the Silvanus inscription. Copyright Harland 2017.

Section II (bottom left) of the Silvanus inscription.
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Sections III-IV (top right) of the Silvanus inscription. © Harland 2017.

Sections III-IV (top right) of the Silvanus inscription.
© Harland 2017.


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