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[40] Grave of a Treasurer of the Silversmiths (undated) Kalambaki - Macedonia

Kalambaki (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map)
AGRW 40 = GRA I 67 = IPhilippiP II 410/G258 = 2 (1924), no. 421 = PHI 152562  = ID# 2221



Slab of white marble found reused in a Turkish cemetery.

Julius Eutyches, treasurer of the silversmiths, lies here.

Translation by: Ascough

Ἰούλιος Εὐτύχης ἀρκάρις ἀργεν|ταρίων ἐνθάδε κεῖτε.

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  • Michael Flexsenhar III says:
    June 4, 2014 / Reply

    Instead of “Slave” should the description read “Slab”?

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