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[308] Donation to the Association of Silvanus (81-96 CE) Caposele - Bruttium and Lucania

Caposele (Bruttium and Lucania, Italy), 81-96 CE
AGRW 308 = CIL X 444 = ILS 3546  = ID# 4037


Latin inscription.

Dedicated to Silvanus, in fulfilment of a vow for the welfare of our emperor Domitian Augustus.

Lucius Domitius Phaon, in order to assure for all time the cult, the maintenance and the sacrifices for the members who are now in the association (collegium) of Silvanus and who will be in the future, has allotted his own estates (fundus) – called “Iunianus,” “Lollianus,” “Percennianus,” and “Statuleianus” – along with their villas and enclosed territories.  He has also stipulated that the income that comes from the aforementioned estates shall be used on the following days: on the Kalends of January (Jan. 1); on the 3rd of the Ides of February (Feb. 11), which is the birthday of our Empress Domitiana; on the 5th of the Kalends of July (June 27), which is the dedication of the association to Silvanus; on the 12th of the Kalends of July (June 20) at the Rose festival (rosalia); and, on the 9th of the Kalends of November (Oct. 24), which is the birthday of our Domitian Augustus. They shall perform the sacred ceremonies in his presence, and those in the association (collegium) shall gather for a banquet under the supervision of the magistrates (magistri) for that year.

(line 20) They shall do everything mentioned above without deceit, and so that all know that it is for the welfare of our most excellent leader (princeps) and lord (dominus) that the estates listed below (sic!) have been dedicated and the days of sacrifice fixed. Further, the area—the field and the forest situated in the reserve and which is delimited by the borders around the statue of Silvanus—is dedicated to Silvanus and the road which leads to the statue of Silvanus through the estate of “Quaesicianus” shall be accessible to everyone. The wood also, and the water used for the purpose of the sacrifices shall be gathered from the estate of Gallicianus and from the adjacent reserve.

L. Domitius Phaon, owner of all the lands, thus ordered that these donations be made, accomplishing all of these presentations without deceit.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

Silvano sacrum voto | suscepto pro salute Domitian[i] | Aug(usti) n(ostri) L(ucius) Domitius Phaon ad cultum | tutelamque et sacr(i)ficia in omne || [t]empus posteru(m) iis qui in collegio | [S]ilvani hodie essent quique postea | subissent fundum Iunianum et | Lollianum et Percennianum et | [S]tatuleianum suos cum suis villis || finibusque attribuit sanxitque uti | ex reditu eorum fundoru(m) q(ui) s(upra) s(cripti) s(unt) K(alendis) Ianu(ariis) | III Idus Febr(uarias) Domitiae Aug(ustae) n(ostrae) natale et | V K(alendas) Iulias dedicatione Silvani et XII K(alendas) | Iulias rosalibus et IX K(alendas) Novembr(es) natal(e) || Domitiani Aug(usti) n(ostri) sacrum in re praesen[ti] | fieret convenirentque ii qui in | collegio essent ad epulandum cura|ntibus sui cuiusque anni magistris huic | rei dolum malum afuturum quominus || ea quae supr(a) scripta sunt fiant | manifestum est cum pro salute optum | principis et domini i(nfra) s(cripti) fundi consecra[ti] | sint diesque sacrificiorum compre|hensi praet[e]rea lo[cus] sive ea pars || agri silvaeque est in vivario quae cippis | positis circa [S]ilvanum determinata | est Silvano c[e]det et via aditus ad Silvanu(m) | per fundum [Quaes]icianum omnibus patebit | lignis quoqu[e e]t ex fundo Galliciano || et aqua sacrif[i]ci causa et de vivario | promiscue lic[e]bit uti haec sic dari | fieri praestari sine dolo malo iussit | permisitque [L(ucius)] Domitius Phaon | cuius om{i}nes(!) locus fuit.

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