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[211] Honors by Wool-carders and Porters for Emperor Caracalla (207 CE) Anazarbos - Cilicia

Anazarbos (Cilicia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 207 CE
AGRW 211 = IAnazarbos 4 = PHI 311574 = AGRW ID# 1515


Statue base of limestone (145 x 60 x 60 cm)

The sacred–object–bearers (hieraphoroi) gathered around Marcellus son of Elis, Hermogenes son of Deios, Sokrates son of Germanus, and Hermogenes son of Tiberius, the sacred–object–bearers of the wool–carding guild and, through them, the rest of the sacred object bearers and the porters (or: door–keepers; Latin: ostiarii) of the industrious marketplace in the metropolis of Anazarbos—chief seat of the three provinces of Cilicia, (10) Isauria, and Lykaonia and twice temple–warden—honoured emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius Augustus, greatest high–priest, with tribunician power for the tenth time, proclaimed emperor (imperator) for the second time, consul for the second time, son of the most divine emperor Severus, and lord and benefactor of the world.

Translation by: Harland

Αὐτοκράτ[ορα Κα]ίσαρα Μ[(ᾶρκον)] ǀ Αὐρήλιον Ἀντωνεῖνον Εὐσ̣[ε]ǀβῆ Σεβ(αστὸν) ἀρχιερέα μέγιστον, δημαρǀ[χι]κῆς ἐξουσίας τὸ ιʹ, αὐτοκράτορα τὸ ǀǀ βʹ, ὕπατον τὸ βʹ, υἱὸν τοῦ [θ]ηοτάτου ǀ αὐτοκράτορος Σεουήρου, καὶ κύǀ[ρ]ιον καὶ εὐεργέτην τῆς οἰκουμένης, ǀ οἱ περὶ Μάρκελλον Ἠλεὶ καὶ Ἑρμοǀγένην Δείου καὶ Σωκράτην Γερμα̣ν̣ο̣ῦ̣ ǀ καὶ Ἑρμογ[έν]ην Τιβερίου ἱεραφόροι ǀ καὶ οἱ ἱεραφό[ροι ξ]αντικῆς καὶ δι’ αὐτῶν ǀ οἱ λοιποὶ ἱε[ραφ]όροι καὶ ὀστειάριοι τῆς ǀ κ̣τ̣ητικῆς Ἀναζα[ρβην]ῆς μητροπόλεως ǀ [τ]ῶν τριῶν ἐπαρχειῶν Κιλικίας ǀǀ [Ἰ]σαυρίας Λυκαονίας προκαθεζομένης ǀ [κ]αὶ δὶς νεωκόρου, καθ’ ἃ ὑπέσχοντο.

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