Associations in the Greco-Roman World (AGRW): A Companion to the Sourcebook

Inscriptions and papyri concerning associations and guilds in the Greco-Roman World. A companion to AGRW (Ascough, Harland, and Kloppenborg)


Harland, Greco-Roman Associations, vol. 2:
North Coast of the Black Sea, Asia Minor.
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Indispensable. A splendid resource for students at several levels, not merely in religious studies, but for anyone exploring the society and culture of the Hellenistic and Roman worlds.”
—Wayne A. Meeks, Yale University.

The accessible AGRW sourcebook (English-only) is a valuable resource for studying social and religious history and is ideal as a course text.  The multi-volume Greco-Roman Associations (GRA) is an in-depth scholarly resource with original Greek or Latin texts and extensive commentaries.